#QuoteoftheDAY Day14 #HaveaNICEday




3 thoughts on “#QuoteoftheDAY Day14 #HaveaNICEday

  1. #SparkACTION does a great thing by trying to spread positivity online. The internet is a testament to society’s desperate need for positive thinking concerning many aspects of life, including body image and the way society perceives women and beauty. The Because She Campaign (http://becauseshe2014.wordpress.com/) aims to shift society’s attitudes towards what makes a woman ‘beautiful’. This post from SparkACTION resonates highly with what Because She encourages women to think daily due to how the media and (sadly) society associate beauty strictly with appearance, and this warped definition of ‘beauty’ with a woman’s worth. A woman’s beauty and value comes not from her appearance, her age, her skin tone or her weight. Her beauty is defined by her character and actions, not some stranger’s opinion of her from the surface. I’m sure SparkACTION would agree and love to join the cause! Think about why a woman in your life is truly beautiful. #becauseshe


  2. Reblogged this on Girl, you own your life and commented:
    Like this!!! I hope the girls who are following my campaign can read this as well. Haters will always hate so why not just be yourself and do whatever you like to do. You own your life, girls!! Whatever ugly or beautiful, whatever fat or skinny, just remember to be yourself! It is you to define yourself not other people!


  3. theundercoverfeminist says:

    There is a severe lack of positivity at the moment, and it is so important to stop and feel some positive vibe. This quote especially inspires confidence and encourages people to stand firm for their beliefs and themselves. It is such a strong, positive message that we could be better off living by! Every person is unique and deserves equal treatment, including understanding and respect for their beliefs and choices. Thanks for spreading such a positive and motivational cause. R x


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